Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Ramblings

  • The concessionaire at work has been replaced, the last one was Seven Day Adventists so they did not cook pork, and they had vegetarian dishes at times. People complained that there was lack of variety (they wanted Pork), but their food was generally good. Now, this new concessionaire serves pork, I am skeptical of their behind the scenes cleanliness. I mean, is there cross-contamination with the meats in the kitchen, do they cook their rice-n-peas with pig's tail ?( a common occurrence in Jamaica). I think I will be bringing lunch to work more often, or heading out to buy lunch from the seven day adventists vegetarian restaurant, its not too far from where I work Alhamdullilah.

  • The new Masjid in Kingston is almost complete, Alhamdullilah (I'll post a pic soon InshaAllah). But...and I hope I am sooooooo wrong, although the building is big, the sisters area seems tiny...I hope that what I think is walled off as the sisters area really is like an office or something...InshaAllah. Also, the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) did not have a partition in his masjid separating the sisters from the brothers, sisters were behind the brothers but there was no physical what's up with that????

  • My Boss confronted me the other day about what he called the 'Muslim Crusade' in 642CE, claiming that there was no religious tolerance and what not. As the resident go-to person for all things regarding Islam at my office LOL.. I had to do a little research, and this is what I got from a student of comparative religion.. (It's funny how people think that because you are Muslim you are an encyclopedia of all things Islamic and can explain all things that Muslims do...whether Islamic or not..but thats another post)

The two superpowers of the day, the Persian Empire (Sassanid dynasty at the time) and the Roman Empire (the seat of the Byzantiums) noticed the strong build up and growth of Islaam in Egypt and the readiness of the Nestorians and Qobtiyah (Coptic) people's willingness to accept the Monotheism of the Quraan by way of the Nubuwwah (Prophethood) of Muhammad (salla llaaahu alayhi wa sallam).
So they attacked them and Umar [caliphate 634- 644 AC] ordered a RESPONSE to the attack on the EMERGING MONOTHEISTIC society.

Its noted that Akhnaton, Photep, Imhotep and many other EGYPTIAN PHAROAHS were ALL MONOTHEISTS way before many of the 28 prophets mentioned in Quraan. PLUS the ancient scriptures of the BANEE ISRAAEEL were known to the Nestorians and Coptic People before the Quraan's revelation between August 610 to April 632 CE wherein a Prophet was expected to raised up by Allaah from Abraham's seed born at MAKKAH = BACA in Psalms 84 verses 4 - 6 and BAKKAH [Quran ,soorah 3 verse 96].

  • I and some other Muslims and Muslimahs attended the annual 'Roti Festival' here in Kingston last Sunday. Its a festival that highlights Indian culture and food. For all of you that have never had curried are missing out, lol. We had a dawah booth (courtesy of another Muslim sister who had a booth there showcasing her business and food products...big up to homechoicejamaica) and got quite a few visitors and names and numbers for follow up. We gave out many pamphlets and qurans and had lively discussion with many of the patrons. Although the music and noise was unbearable at times it was a good experience bringing Islam to the fore, we were the second booth as you walked on the compound. Since it was mainly an Indian Festival highlighting Indian Culture in Jamaica, we displayed some posters about the Indian Muslims who came to Jamaica as indentured labourers back in the day and were free to practice and spread Islam. All in all it was a good day, and I hope those people are guided to Islam or at least more open minded InshaAllah.
  • Once again...and if I had a $1 for every time I get asked these questions, or been told these statements, I'd probably be rich...well not quite...but almost. 'When are you getting married?', 'How comes you havent found anybody yet?' , It's your turn next, and it goes on and on. And I get it from Muslims and Non-Muslims, there were a spate of pregnancies at my office....yes I say spate because it seemed like an epidemic...and of course the question always was guess it ..'When are you going to have kids', lol, now half the people who were expecting babies were NOT Married, so it was clearly pick on the single muslim MONTH because it went on for a while. Now when they bring their babies pics to the office, that starts the whole annoying conversation up again. One lady said I'd have to move to Abu Dhabi to get married, its funny sometimes, other times NOT. A week ago a Muslimah friend of mine got married, and another is getting married next the most recent question was 'how do you feel?' AAAAARRRRRRGH. Quit asking !!!!!!!!! I am happy for them...end of convo.

Ok lunch break is up...get back to work people :)


  1. lol
    lovely read, and I so know what you are talking about when you wonder what really goes behind those kitchen doors ...hmmm alas I always buy vegetarian and at strictly vegetarian cafes
    Oh I definitely look forward to seeing the new masjid in Kinston :) I hope I can visit one day inshaAllah
    It's really great to hear from you and your daily experiences in Jamaica... for the most part Jamaicans that I know never speak much about ethnic diveristy or for the most part they never speak about Islam
    Keep writing and sharing :)
    take care

  2. ".I hope that what I think is walled off as the sisters area really is like an office or something.."

    InshaAllah that will not be the area for the sisters! That would be an insult!

  3. Assalamu alaikum Sister Le-Ann,
    Nice to hear from you again :) Let me know when you coming to visit InshaAllah,

    take care

  4. Assalamu alaikum Sis Sacrifice4Allah,

    I was told that its a temporary area *SIGH*, but seriously when I am in there it feels like I am in a packing crate :(