Monday, March 2, 2009

Self defense class update

Am feeling good, feeling energized, Alhamdullilah. Its been 4 classes so far and Alhamdullilah its been going great. We are learning various self-defense techniques and how to get out of different choke holds, hand grips, and how to block weapons from an overhead attack, and last class we learned how to actually take an axe from the attacker.

The instructor brings actual weapons to class for us to get over the psychological fear of seeing the weapon. We have worked with a knife and a small axe so far, and a fake gun, but in the advanced class we will work with a real gun InshaAllah.

She also gives really good advice, for example, NEVER EVER leave from point A to point B with an attacker, the fact that they want to take you somewhere else means they do not want any witnesses, and you will probably be taken to some remote area where your chance of escape is minimal or none. You have a better chance of survival staying right where you are and making a lot of noise, scream FIRE, people are more likely to respond to a scream of 'FIRE' than to a scream of 'HELP'.

Always be aware of your surroundings, do not walk around on your cell phone all oblivious about what is going on around you, walk confidently like you know where you are going, don't look timid, attackers profile their victims and look for vulnerabilities, sometimes watching them for weeks and observing their habits. Confidence is key, and do not show fear. Only fear Allah.

May Allah Subhana wa ta'ala guide and protect us all. Ameen

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