Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

"The plight of the refugees and those under siege in Gaza has not received fair coverage in the media. It is sad and a poor reflection of human civilization that this is happening today as our world leaders silently look on. This video ("Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land") provides a perspective rarely shown in the wider media using credible voices.

Listen to the voices of Israelis, military officials, Palestinians, activists and others who talk about what is happening behind the scenes. Amnesty International calls it "war crimes" . Please take the time to watch this and then please try to make people aware about what is happening. Bishop Desmond Tutu (along with many South Africans) has been quite vocal about what he says mirrors the apartheid era of South Africa. This is not an Arab or a Muslim is a HUMAN issue. Peace and justice should apply to ALL people, not just some"

Watch this video here

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