Monday, January 26, 2009

Pigs for Organ Transplant?

I've heard of this idea before (and clearly if we arent supposed to eat them, why should we use them for organ transplants?) but now they are going to genetically modify pigs with six human genes.....

"A British lord and fertility researcher has announced plans to breed genetically engineered pigs, for the purpose of harvesting their organs for transplant into humans."

See the full story here


  1. Audhu'Billah! That is foul! May Allah protect us from the evil plans of man. Ameen!

  2. I dont see what the problem is since pigs and apes are closest to humans for organs.

    I thought the only restrictions were in EATING their flesh not using it for life saving procedures.

  3. This link from IslamQA might help, read through to the end they mention organ transplants.

    'medical treatment by means of transplanting an animal organ of this type [i.e., from an impure animal] should meet two conditions:

    1- The sick person should be in need of the transplant from the impure animal. This condition is met when specialist doctors testify that there is indeed such a need.

    2- No pure organ is available that could be used instead. '

    Allah knows best.