Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thief in headscarf....

I hope the innocent muslim women out there do NOT get mistaken for this fraudulent 'hijabi' shoplifter....

The story on BBC "A jewel thief dressed as a wealthy Muslim woman has stolen rings worth hundreds of thousands of euros from dealers across Europe, police say. "

Read the entire story here


  1. Salaams Sis:

    Ya Allah ... in Philly, we had a brother who dressed up in niqaab and robbed a bank and killed a cop. The Muslims were so mad that no one would wash him or do his janazah prayer.

  2. Wa alaikum salaam Sis,
    Wow !!!, thats terrible...so he was a muslim dressed as a muslim woman and did those terrible things, Ya Allah! These people give Muslims a bad name :(