Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back to basics

Reminder on Tawheed

This book gives a clear understanding of what Islamic Monotheism means.
"Tawheed, the oneness of God, is the core of the Islamic faith" It is the basis of the religion of Islam expressed by 'La ilaha illallah' (There is no god but Allah subhana wa ta'ala), there is only one true God and He alone is deserving of worship.

Tawheed was taught by all the Prophets and Messengers to mankind.

There are three categories of Tawheed

Tawheed ar-Ruboobeeyah - Maintaining the Unity of Lordship, affirming that Allah is one, without partners in His sovereignty. "Allah alone caused all things to exist when there was nothing. He sustains and maintains creation without any need from it or for it, and He is the sole Lord of the universe..." "Nothing happens in creation except what He allows to happen.

"Allah created all things and He is the agent on which all things depend." (Holy Quran 39:62)

"And Allah created you and whatever you do." (Holy Quran 37:96)

"And no calamity strikes except by Allah's permission..." (Holy Quran 64:11)

Tawheed al-Asma was-Sifaat - Maintaining the Unity of Allah's Names and Attributes, belief that Allah is uniquely one in His names and attributes without similitude and comparison. "Allah must be referred to according to how He and His Prophet (peace be upon him) have described Him, without explaining away His names and attributes by giving them meanings other than their obvious meanings." It also involves referring to Allah as "He has referred to Himself without giving Him any new names or attributes", "referring to Him without giving Him the attributes of creation" and "requires that man must not be given the attributes of Allah"

"..There is nothing like Him and He is the hearer and seer of all." (Holy Quran 42:11)

"Nor is there to Him any equivalent" (Holy Quran 112:4)

Tawheed Ulooheeyah/ Ibaadah - Maintaining the Unity of Allah's Worship, the belief that All is uniquely one in His worship or divinity without rival. "Firm belief in the first two categories alone is not sufficient.." "the idolators of the Prophet's time confirmed many aspects of the first two forms of Tawheed" and "Many disbelievers knew of Allah's sovereigntity, dominion and power"

"Say: 'Who is it that gives you sustenance from the sky and earth, Who governs sight and hearing, and Who brings forth life from dead(matter) and death from the living; and plans the affairs of man?' They will all say 'Allah'..." (Holy Quran 10:31)

"If you asked them who created them, they would surely say 'Allah'..." (Holy Quran 43:87)

"Most of them do not believe in Allah except while joining partners to Him." (Holy Quran 12:106)

"All forms of worship must be directed only to Allah because He alone deserves worship, and it is He alone who can grant benefit to man as a result of His worship." "There is no need for any form of intercessor or intermediary between man and God." The main purpose of man's creation is to worship Allah.

"I did not create jinn and mankind except for My worship." (Holy Quran 51:56)

"Verily, We have sent to every nation a messenger [saying], 'Worship Allah and avoid false gods'..." (Holy Quran 16:36)

"You alone do we worship, and from You alone do we seek help" (Holy Quran 1:5)

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