Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A New Leaf

After reading a very inspiring blogpost I decided to turn over a new leaf. I have deleted all unrelated males from my facebook friends list, and have decided to try to do some good deeds and dawah each and every day , no matter how small, InshaAllah.

I have been giving dawah to my co-workers , showing them dvds, sending them website links, sharing books and pamphlets, but I have gotten complacent. I think its a lack of patience on my end, it just seems incomprehensible to me how someone exposed to the facts of Islam could not just accept it. I use the word facts because persons who have been exposed to the media propoganda and lies as representation of Islam would be less inclined to do so. Then again, propaganda seems to make people want to know more and do their own research, well at least the open minded people anyway.

So I have decided to step up the dawah. I have classified my coworkers based on their personalities, understanding and knowledge so far.

The Agnostic - believes in God, but does not believe there is just one right religion. Also believes in Darwins theory of evolution, watches a lot of news and associates cultural practices with Islam, however is keen to ask about things pertaining to the religion as seen on tv or in the news. Has a strong personality and you have to have the facts straight up to deal with the questions. Willing to learn more about Islam.

The Preacher - Masters in theology (Christian Theology of course), filled with blind faith that the Bible is THE word of God, believes the Nicean council was inspired by God to make the changes to Christianity that they did, believes that unless we all accept Jesus (alaihi salaam) as the Son of God, and as God ,we will not be saved. Unwilling to discuss anything to the contrary, no matter how much logic is shown, but will listen when similarities between the Bible and Quran are discussed. Sometimes asks for the Islamic standpoint on various issues for comparison to the Christian standpoint and is more often than not, pleasantly surprised. 'Really????, you believe that tooooo?' :)

The Searcher - Searching for the truth, finding it, but pondering the ramifications of openly accepting it. Accepts that Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa salam) is the Messenger of God, Accepts that Jesus (alaihi salaam) was also just a Messenger of God, Accepts that the Quran is the Word of God...But unwilling to accept Islam..Yet. Has read extensively, found the flaws in the bible, discounts the trinity, but wonders if it is actually necessary to declare faith in Islam. Seems the most promising of the group so far InshaAllah and only time will tell.

The Researcher - Bordering on agnosticism, willing to hear all sides of the religious viewpoints. Acknowledges the errors in the bible, acknowledges the truth in the Quran, especially when shown the scientific facts. Unwilling to accept the 'rules' of Islam, has the mentality of , 'I cant follow so many rules, I just want to live life, I will find out the truth when I am dead'. Usually likes to find the facts by themself and will watch and read dawah material on Islam. Learns best by audio and video. Usually speaks up when someone says something negative about Islam and refutes them with some truthful facts Alhamdullilah. Second most promising of the group.

The Silent One - Her attitude is 'We can just follow what we feel is the truth from the bible and disregard the rest' . Will watch the videos and take the literature (not sure if she reads it though), but staunchly believes Christianity is the only way. Usually makes no comment on religious issues.

The method of dawah to each of them has to be different. I just want them to know all the facts and make an informed decision. I am not trying to convert them, that is not my job, only Allah can lead people to accept Islam. So instead of giving up on them as I was doing, or giving them all the same info at the same time, I will try a new individual approach based on their characteristics InshaAllah. May Allah (subhana wa ta ala) open their hearts and minds to the truth , Ameen.


  1. Wow,all the thought you have put into your dawaa is really inspiring me. I'm beginning to think about my neighbors and how I can better give dawaa to them.

    I can envision all those personalities you described. May Allah make it easy on you!

  2. JazakAllah Khair for your dua Sis Umm Omar :), Ameen. MashaAllah, I'm glad you found it inspiring. May Allah make it easy for you to give dawah to your neighbours, Ameen!

  3. Know that as a girl who lost her deen for a time and is slowly returning to Islam, I have the utmost respect for you.

    I cried as I read about your awakening, especially because I noticed that the brother who helped you see this hadn't blogged since 2008. Mashallah sister, you can do so much with this.

    I love how you even created these definitions. I pray that you can change many through the perfect da'wah of Islam. I am truly touched. There is much work to do, and Jamaica seems the perfect place to start. Maybe in Kingston, you can help rebuild houses damaged by frequent hurricanes, and inshallah meet new people and tell them the beauty of Islam.

    Prayers and love for a safe journey through da'wah. Love you very dearly.

  4. Hi Lisa, I pray that you return to Islam InshaAllah. Yes you are quite right, there is so much work to do, even right here in our small Muslim community there is so much to do, but we all have to start small. I'm starting with those around me on a daily basis and InshaAllah progress from there. I think if we are a good example to those around us , even in small ways it will be good dawah, and if all of us do it , the impact will be even greater InshaAllah. Thanks for your kind words and prayers MashaAllah.I pray that you find your way back soon, Ameen.

  5. Even jut the example of your hijab and piety can move mountains. I am praying for you sister, we always think of Jamaica as a place so hot you'd always long for a bikini. I am glad to know you are following the straight path. I greatly appreciate your duas. May Allah help both of us. Ameen. Love you dearly.

  6. As Salaamu 'alaikum dear sister,

    MashaALLAH i love your approach to each individual. Almost like 'tailor-made' da'wah!
    May Allah reward you for your effort and make you among the successful ones on the Day of Reckoning! Ameen!

  7. Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Sister Sacrifice4Allah :)

    May Allah reward you also, Ameen!

  8. I really like this post sis - I am going to use it myslef inshallah may allah subhanahu wa ta'ala give you much reward for it. you are a beautiful sister x

  9. MashaAllah, Sister Chica, May Allah reward you also Ameen! I hope it helps with your dawah inshaAllah.